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When making a reservation, you don’t need to write your driver’s licence number nor information, but you do need to have a valid driver’s licence with you to pick up your selected vehicle.

If you are 21 years old you can both rent and drive our vehicles, but keep in mind that those under 25 need to pay an additional young drivers fees applicable to all young drivers stated in the contract.

During pick up you need to present a valid driver’s license, additionally drivers licenses that aren’t in Latin script, for example Chinese, Japanese or Cyrillic script, need to be accompanied by an international driver’s license.

Yes, during vehicle reservation, your credit card is validated. A valid credit card is the basis of every vehicle rent, and in this way, we only verify its authenticity. Your credit card will not be charged during this validation.

You can, however keep in mind that the person signing the contract needs to be the card holder of a valid credit card.

We accept all credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB, and UnionPay.

Note:  we do not accept prepaid or electron cards, travel cards, nor Visa Electron or Maestro

No, during reservation we only verify its authenticity.

Although we do try to keep every clients wish in mind, sadly we cannot guarantee a specific model, only the selected car category.

Please check this under “Vehicles” section.

We do offer such a service; however, it needs to be agreed upon 48 hours before vehicle pick up, and it is charged per our additional services price list.

You can always contact our customer support or one of our offices. You can find the contact info under the Contacts Section.

Insurance Excess is the maximum amount the client can be held responsible for in case of an accident. Its height depends on the vehicle category, and the amount can be checked during the reservation process.

CDW is offered at the time of rental for an additional daily charge. If the renter accepts CDW, Flex Rent a car waives or reduces the renter's responsibility for loss of, or damage to, the rental vehicle excluding (deductibles). The amount of your responsibility varies according to the type of vehicle you rent. We will not waive our right to collect for comprehensive losses such as fire theft vandalism flood hail or acts of god. In addition, there are other exclusions from the collision damage waiver. Please read the back of the rental agreement for a complete list.

Third parties and unauthorized drivers are not covered by CDW. The Driver must obtain an accident report from the police or CDW will be void.

All U.S residents are required to provide a full declaration page with proof of auto liability and physical damage insurance

WUG (Wheels Undercarriage and Glass protection) is additional insurance which buys out the excess for damages done to the wheels, underside and glass.

You can decrease it by choosing an additional insurance package, and per the package selected the excess amount is either lowered or completely removed.

Yes, if you want the complete information about the price of your rental, however you can always select additional packages and services during vehicle pick up.

To be certain that the desired equipment will be available during pick up, we advise you to reserve it during the vehicle reservation process. However, according to availability you can also request it in our offices.

All Rentals are Restricted to the State of Florida. Crossing the state lines may be incur a charge up to $3000.00

Our regular offer does not have a limit on the mileage done. Local renters are limited to 100 miles per day. Additional mileage options avaliable.

The maximum rent period is 28 days. However, in case of a need for a longer rent period than the one designated here, please contact our Customer support.

Our vehicles can be used for a couple of hours per your desires, however the minimum amount charged is always 2 days hours. Pick up, and drop off time is always selected during the reservation process.

Please Note we hold reservation for 2 hours from the reserved pickup time subject to published business hours, cancellation must be through the original booking source.

Yes, however in case of pick up and drop off outside the offices working hours a special fee is charged that is stated during the reservation process. You can check the working hours of every office under the Contacts section.

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